The First Lady (The Dictator’s Wife) (Washington National Opera, 2017)

“Allegra De Vita brought a robust mezzo and nuanced phrasing to the title role, and her acting neatly conveyed the woman’s soulless nature.”

Tim Smith, Opera News, March, 2017 edition

“Allegra De Vita executed the title role with confidence and an exquisite voice, easily filling the intimate Family Theater where the work was staged, creating a First Lady inspired by Eva Peron, among others. She rose to the work’s ‘anti-climax’ when she stepped up to the microphone on a balcony announcing she would give the protesters what they demanded.”

Karyl Charna Lynn, Opera Now, February, 2017 edition

“WNO’s cast of Domingo-Cafritz Young Artists turned in sterling performances, certainly offering proof that many of them will go on to rewarding operatic careers. Mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita in particular was excellent in her key role as First Lady. Her clear and forceful voice radiated a paradoxically icy passion every time her regal character took the stage.”

Terry Ponick, CDN, <January 24, 2017>

“Fairouz’s vocal writing was ingratiating enough to allow Allegra De Vita’s burnished mezzo-soprano to shine, and she made a strong impression as First Lady, not least at the end in addressing the nation.”

George Loomis, MusicalAmerica, <January 17, 2017>

“There’s an army of roses on stage, demonstrators pacing in the aisles and the dividers—and the imposing figure of the wife pacing like a very articulate, word-loving tigress.

In this task, Allegra DeVita, the young mezzo-soprano and WNO Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist member, reigns supreme. Her voice is rangy and matches the music, operatic but also echoing a minute ago. It’s a fine singing performance, but better yet, a terrific acting performance.  She finds the notes, but also the nuances in the woman and the part by making it her own. She’s at turns sexy, driving, angry, beguiling and charismatic.”

Gary Tischler, The Georgetowner, <January 16, 2017>

“As the titular character, Allegra De Vita is stunning and commanding as the First Lady, just like Eva and Imelda.”

Benjamin Tomchik, Broadway World, <January 16, 2017,>

“Fairouz certainly writes ably for the voice and created a nice showcase for the soprano Allegra De Vita, who embodied the beautiful pampered wife to a T”

 Anne Midgette, The Washington Post, <January 15, 2017>

“As the First Lady who must take control of her foundering situation, mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita was mesmerizing and possessed marvelous theatrical élan. Ms. De Vita projected a very sensual and commanding quality that fit in perfectly with her role.

Ms. De Vita possesses an astonishing voice of infinite variety and shading with an amazing vocal range. She paced and channeled her more practical and earthy passages by singing in her middle register only to thrill the audience by switching to her upper register with her sustained and beautifully cadenced high notes –which sent chills down my spine.”

David Friscic, DC Metro Theater Arts, <January 14, 2017>

“Mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita deployed a well-rounded, sumptuous voice in the title role, supremely confident in silk gown and heels.” 

Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review, <January 14, 2017>