Isaura (Tancredi) (Opera Philadelphia, 2017)

“Allegra De Vita, in the small but key role of Isaura, displayed a full-bodied, fluid mezzo and the ability to grab attention whenever she was on stage.”

Eric Myers, Opera, <June, 2017 edition>

“…through Isaura’s refreshingly humane aria. (This was superbly performed by mezzo Allegra De Vita, who was fully the equal, vocally and dramatically, of her more experienced colleagues.) ”

David Shengold, Opera News, <May, 2017 edition>

“Allegra De Vita acquitted herself honorable in the role of Amenaida’s confidant Isolda. Her voice is sizable and dark, and it is not hard to imagine her as Tancredi in a few years. ”

Dana Pentia, Rossini America, <February 25, 2017>

“There was a sympathetic and mellifluous contribution from mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita as Amenaide’s friend Isaura”

Bernard Jacobson, Seen and Heard International, <February 21, 2017>

“Allegra De Vita displayed expressive agility as Amenaide’s friend Isaura.”

Michael Caruso, Allegri con Fuoco, <February 19, 2017>

“Allegra De Vita’s poised and lusciously sung Isaura”

Paul Selar, Opera Chaser, <February 17, 2017>

“Mezzo Allegra De Vita sang and acted beautifully as Isaura, Amenaide’s devoted friend.”

Michael Caruso, Chestnut Hill Local, <February 15, 2017>

“Mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita, as the heroine’s plucky and fiery confidante and supporter, Isaura, evinces luscious vocal suavity as well as a robust physical command in her heroic exertions on Amenaide’s behalf.”

Charles Geyer, My Scena, <February 14, 2017>

“Allegra De Vita is as close to an audience surrogate as the show provides, and she is astonishingly great, a force of determination and loyalty in a faithless environment. ”

Kelly Mintzer, PA Theatre Guide, <February 14, 2017>

“Mezzo-soprano Allegra De Vita, another debutante, brings a lovely voice and noble bearing to the role of Isaura, Amenaide’s confidant and defender. One hopes that she will become a frequent visitor to the company.”

Cameron Kelsall, Talkin’ Broadway, <February 13, 2017>